How to Make a Room Look Instantly Better

Pretty fancy, huh?
Pretty fancy, huh?

I’m crap at interior design, but sometimes – by accident – something just works. I got this vase for my birthday and I’ve been wanting to use it ever since. Yesterday, driving through Franschoek, these amazing arum lilies were everywhere. I got out the car and picked a whole bunch (you’re allowed to, they belong to the president), and put two of the longest in this vase (which, if I’m not mistaken, is from the Home Store). It was too big for the table so I plonked it down here and have been immensely pleased with myself ever since. Sometimes it takes a very small detail to make a room look fab.

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Room Look Instantly Better

  1. Someone posted one of your blogs to Fb to today, read it and the next and another one. Found myself reading many before I realised it was Susan from up the road. For the only female teenager I knew as a kid who loved Wham and played ‘ wake me up before you gogo’ and ‘jitterbug’ so loud us younger kids learnt the words from our gardens!! Who painted her bedroom walls black and yellow. This blog is great lots truth and laughs. Thanks for the laughs and memories of Cyprus road from another grey wet rainy day in London! PS if we ever get back I am aiming for Seapoint my home turf!

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