The Best Jeggings in the Universe

My favourite are the ones on the right with the snakeskin-y print.
So cute, and practically free.

So, on an excursion to find slippers for Sophie last week, I wandered into the Pick n Pay clothing store here in Sea Point, and what do I find? THE cutest jeggings ever created in the universe. In Pick n Pay! For the people of Brakpan and all straight men, a jegging is a combination of a legging and a pair of jeans – they’re tight and fitted, but in thickish, forgiving fabric, and usually (especially when black) quite flattering.

So excited was I to have found a disco pant for the following Saturday’s party, I sommer bought two. At R149,99 you won’t be bankrupt. Jeggings are huge this spring, and as we’re still in the middle of Baroque fever they have that funky print going on. Plus, you can never have too many pairs of black pants. Wear them with a longish top, and a heel never hurt a sister.

2 thoughts on “The Best Jeggings in the Universe

  1. You totally crack me up! “Disco pant”. Living in the UK & it’s been fantastic to read your blog. Finding your thoughts very interesting & loving the humour too.

  2. Dammit. I only saw this now. Just had a giant baby so wasn’t in the market for anything other than big top circus tents during August (or, if I’m brutally honest, from approximately 8 days after that test came up positive), clearly these will be long gone. Mind you, my stomach is FAR from long gone, so maybe all for the best… I do love me a good disco pant though, and these are fab.

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