Raddest Plakkies in the Universe

The gold ones for girls, but they come in lots of styles and colours.
The gold ones for girls, but they come in lots of styles and colours.

If we South Africans had a national shoe it would, without contest, be the plakkie (or the slip slop or the flip flop – whichever word you prefer) – they’re cool, comfy, easy-to-wear and when you buy the larny metallic ones you can take them straight from the beach to the bar and still look fabulous. And, to this end, my sweet and gorgeous friend, Mike Cloete, is making plakkies that are, truly, very awesome to wear. And I know because he gave me a pair which I wear ALL THE TIME. Not only are they much (much) cheaper than a certain brand which begins with a ‘huh’, they’re excellent quality, very pretty, and best of all – they’re made in SA.

80% of all Beach Religion footwear is locally produced, which means Mike’s company is creating jobs for a lot of people, developing and utilising local skills, and wouldn’t you know, he’s just sent a consignment of shoes to Italy – land of Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and all manner of fabulous footwear – which means his shoes are bladdy well made. He’s also got a very fun, interactive thing going where you can design your own slip slop before each season, but mostly I just think it’s cool when quality stuff is made down here, and supporting local business helps us all. For info on how to purchase the raddest plakkies in the universe check out http://www.beachreligion.com. (And you don’t want to not be rad).

Mikey and his beautiful boys, Jacques and Dominic.
Mikey and his beautiful boys, Jacques and Dominic.

10 thoughts on “Raddest Plakkies in the Universe

  1. Susan loved your blog about relocation. Made me cry while reading to friends. You touch the spot as we are all so fragile. I am in Cape Town now in green point and would love to meet u with close friend of mine who is sea point librarian !! Please email me at wendysa@hotmail.com if u get this message. Thanks Wendy

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  2. Thanks Susan. Right up my alley. Very pro SA’n business myself. Besides, we do make a better shoe/slip-slop. Go Mike.

    Its become my ever-growing grind to complain about the badly made imported shoes we sell of late.
    Its awful and even if you buy at a little more upmarket outlet, its the same country who makes them. The only difference, the style looks slightly better and you pay more. But the fit remains ghastly.

    We should support local and employ local regardless of how trying that can sometimes be. Look after our own first.

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