Stine’s Incredible 20-Minute Crispbread

Delish with avo, fresh tomato, sea salt and black pepper
Delish with avo, fresh tomato, sea salt and black pepper

My sister-in-law, Stine (pronounced Steena) is one of those extraordinary women who’ll decide, at 2pm, that there’s nothing for afternoon coffee, disappear into the kitchen and emerge 45 minutes later with a three-tiered strawberry sponge cake. She also makes clothes, works full-time as a nutritionist, raises three teenage daughters and manages a farm. There are truly few things this girl cannot do. Oh, and she’s funny and gorgeous, to boot.

One afternoon, on a visit to them at their holiday house by the sea, a tupperware of these amazing crispbreads lay open, and it was all we could do not to polish off the lot. The thing about these is that they’re so nutty and crispy and delish that you don’t even need a topping. Though mashed avo and tomato is out of this world, as is any kind of cheese.

For me, who doesn’t do wheat well, they’re a lifesaver. They contain a small amount of flour which can easily be substituted for rye or almond flour if you’re gluten intolerant. They are packed with seeds, and your kids will eat them with no idea how healthy this tasty snack actually is. Plus, they really take no time at all which, for the laziest chef in the universe, is probably the biggest bonus of all.
You’ll need:

half a cup of oats
half a cup of sesame seeds
half a cup of linseeds
half a cup of sunflower seeds
half a cup of Pumpkin seeds
a cup of flour (wheat, rye or almond)
half a cup of water
half a cup of oil (choose one without flavour, like sunflower)
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon fine salt


Mix everything together and separate into three portions. Between two sheets of baking paper, use a rolling pin to roll the mixture flat till it’s about 3mm thick. With a knife, slice it into whatever size cracker you want (I keep them pretty big. You can always break one in half. Though you won’t). Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes, or until they’re golden and slightly darker along the edges. Store in an airtight container so that they stay nice and crispy. See how long they last in your house.

6 thoughts on “Stine’s Incredible 20-Minute Crispbread

  1. Oh my goodness… I’ve just made these crispbreads – last batch is in the oven… not sure if they going to make it to the cookie tin! I used half rice flour, half almond meal and threw in some poppy seeds, so quick, easy and delish. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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