The LOVE RSA range from Mr Price Home

Seriously, how fun?
Seriously, how fun?

I think this is just the coolest range of stuff ever to be produced down here, and sold at a totally affordable price. It’s colourful and ironic and iconographic, and you can’t feel miserable when you walk into a room and see this gold-toothed guy with fabulous hair hanging out on your couch. It’s also a reminder to embrace the madness of life down here and not take things too seriously. We’re all a bit bemal, and that’s okay. There are worse things to be, like boring. I got this one at Canal Walk, and I keep meaning to go and get more.

2 thoughts on “The LOVE RSA range from Mr Price Home

  1. Ag, ja, I just adore Mr Price Home’s cushions (well, lots of them), but the main thing about their merchandise is that it is Mooi Van Vêr, meaning that the reality is Vêr Van Mooi. I love the photo of your cushion, and I love the idea of it, but sadly, I know that the picture is nicer than the reality……….

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